Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gotta Love Those Feathers

Free Motion Machine Quilting - Quilt-to-fill

As a professional machine quilter, one of my favorite things to do is freestyle free-motion quilting. Where there is no pattern to follow. Basically, your just making it up as you sew.

Now to some people it may seem hard to not have a pattern to follow. But what I like about it is that with no pattern to follow, how will anyone know if I messed up. Whatever I quilt is what it's supposed to look like.

Another thing I like about freestyling (if that's a word) is that you can make the quilting fit into whatever space you need to fill.

Feathers are my absolute favorite quilt-to-fill motif. They are always beautiful and you can make feathers fill any kind space.

Odd shaped background areas - no problem.

Odd shaped borders - a breeze

This wonderful little wall hanging belongs to a customer and wonderful artist, Connie Beiber. Connie does beautiful watercolor work which she sells at her online gallery. She wrote me a beautiful note that I wanted to share --

"I think your quilting design on the wall hanging is absolutely wonderful!! I love, love, love the large undulating swirl on the pink fabric and all your other choices for the smaller areas. I love the little circles in the pink squares and the outlining of the triangles. What a terrific interpretation and design for this quilt!! You have a fabulous eye for choosing a design that will work with the size, style and area in the quilt. I love your quilt design and I knew that the 'right' quilting would add so much more and your quilting has done just that. I am an artist (watercolor painter) and it takes a lot to thrill me, but you have nailed this one down tight! I am thrilled."

Wow! Who doesn't love a thank you note like that!

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