Monday, January 18, 2010

A Quilt or a Shower Curtain?

A Simple Way to Turn a Quilt into a Shower Curtain

A very simple 9 patch quilt adds pizzazz to my bathroom. Guests who use my bathroom never fail to comment on this unique shower curtain. I specifically made this quilt to be a shower curtain. So I was prepared to do whatever was necessary to the quilt so the shower hooks would work. (I was planning to put button holes in my quilt!) My friend suggested that I try hanging it with curtain clip rings instead. They worked wonderfully.

You can use any quilt as a shower curtain by using curtain clip rings as a hanging system. The clips are available at Wal Mart, Target, JC Penny, etc. Just clip the plastic shower curtain and the quilt together in each clip. Place clips evenly across the width of the quilt.

Just another easy, simple, fun way to decorate with quilts. I hope you'll try it out sometime!

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