Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Man Quilts


Winter has officially arrived here in Arkansas. The temperature is 1 degree outside. Inside is only slightly warmer. In fact, I just warmed my fingers up over the heater so that I could keep typing. Winter is my least favorite season - but I always try to find something to like about whatever weather we are having. One of my all time favorite winter things happened a few nights ago...

Surprise Snow!
When you wake up in the morning to unexpectedly find the world covered in bright, clean snow. Everything is so beautiful, peaceful and quiet. I love it!!

So now that snow is here, I dug through my little quilts for my snowman quilts. They are now hanging on the doors of my quilting studio.

This first snowman I made 12 years ago. It is the only thing that I have hand quilted ever! (Not that surprising for a professional machine quilter) The reason it is hand quilted is because I was expecting my second child and was on bed rest. I needed something to do with my hands. My daughter was overdue by two weeks, so I had plenty of time! Although - I've never taken the time to add a face. lol

This next snowman was made by one of my customers and donated to our guild's little quilt auction. I quilted it for her and loved the little quilt so much that I bought it at the auction.

I really loved the quilting on the snowman - even if I do say so myself.

The next one is a work in progress. Now that I've dug it out, maybe I will get on finishing it. Maybe?

Hope you enjoyed the snow - I mean show. The little quilt show that is.


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